Montriniki Williams


Montriniki Williams

Director of Public Policy/Relations

Montriniki Williams is the Director of Ambassadors/Volunteerism and Public Policy for The Guap Foundation as well as Vice Chair. She has 21 years of operations, finance, and human resources experience in the health care, finance, and retail industry. Since 2013, she has served as a Home Office Field Based HR Director covering Central MS for the world’s largest employer.

Prior to her current role, Montriniki held senior leadership roles within other big box retailers and leading health-care facilities. She has experience with mergers, acquisitions and joint- ventures. She also has experience with organizational design, executive recruitment, and compensation arrangements.

Montriniki holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Management from Ashford University, a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from UOP, along with a host of other licenses and certifications.
Born and raised in New Orleans, Montriniki and her family still reside in the city. She is a Mom of one by God’s blessings, a day trader by choice, she enjoys spending time with family and friends…