Become A Member


Guap Foundation members are highly professional, educated and skilled individuals who represent some of the best and brightest of our community. In order to participate in the foundation, you must first be a member of our masternode owners or merchant community. If you believe you meet at least one of the requirements below, register and contact us to be come a full foundation member.

  • Must own a Masternode
  • Member of Merchant Community
  • Verified as a Masternode owner and join Slack Foundation Group
  • Guap Foundation Donor

Joining Process

The Joining process is simple.

  1. Register as a member
  2. Provide proof of Masternode ownership, merchant, or donation
  3. Contact us via email or contact form

Register Here

Join the Guap Foundation by completing the registration form below. Please provide proof of Masternode ownership by including your Masternode wallet address. Upon approval, you will be granted foundation access to our website as well as additional member perks.